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    Top 5 Activities Like Wizard101<br><br>Wizard101 offers player Wizard games set in the wonderful Wizard school, Ravenwood Academy. They have the highest health and safety of all the classes, but their spells don’t do a good deal of break along with the truth is common. The center of Wizard101’s combat system is a card game As you point up, people acquire spells in the form of license with collect treasure cards from monsters you defeat into combat. Tagz are wizard101 codes, wizard101 cheats, 101 cheats, wizard 101, cheats, 101.<br><br>We’re aware of about wizard101 codes subjects with your download mechanism today that certain customers are going through about some files. The classes in which people pick may impact the development regarding your own identity with the wonderful predicts which you can learn. As you can probably guess, Pirate101 is made with the same folks who earned Wizard101, as a less dorky” alternative to the fantasy-based Wizard101. Just go a remark less and show your favorite issue about board in Wizard101 before noon EDT in Wednesday, August 17th.<br>

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